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78€ Μονόκλινο δωμάτιο

Perelik Hotel

: 4870 Pamporovo, Bulgaria

GPS συντεταγμνες:

41° 39′30′′N 24°41′47′′E

Τοποθεσα: Perelik hotel βρσκεται στο κντρο του Παμπροβο.

Το ξενοδοχεο προσφρει νετα δωμτια, εσωτερικ πισνα, μπουλινγκ, πολιτιστικ γεγοντα και εξαιρετικ κουζνα.

Διαμον: Το ξενοδοχεο διαθτει 463 κρεβτια σε 10 μονκλινα δωμτια, 198 δκλινα δωμτια, 5 τρκλινα δωμτια και 21 διαμερσματα.

Δωμτια και διαμερσματα: Μονκλινα και δκλινα δωμτια: cable/sat TV, τηλφωνο, μνι μπαρ, ραδιφωνο, μπνιο, τα περισστερα δωμτια χουν μπαλκνι.

Διαμερσματα: Το μικρ διαμρισμα χει μεγλο δωμτιο με πιπλα, καναπ και δκλινο δωμτιο. Το μεγλο χει καθιστικ και ξεχωριστ υπνοδωμτιο. Cable/sat TV, μνι μπαρ, μπνιο και μπαλκνι.

2-ροφα διαμερσματα: Στο πρτο ροφο - καθιστικ, μνι μπαρ, τηλφωνο, cable/sat TV, ραδιφωνο, μπαλκνι, μπνιο με ντους. Στο δετερο ροφο υπνοδωμτιο και μπνιο.

Εγκαταστσεις: Εστιατριο με χωρητικτητα 500 ατμων, ταβρνα με χωρητικτητα 120 ατμων, καφετερα, lobby bar, day bar, νυχτεριν μπαρ, αθουσα παιχνιδων, συνεδριακ αθουσα, εσωτερικ πισνα (12,5 x 25 m), σουνα, σολριουμ, γυμναστριο, bowling, κομμωτριο και shopping κντρο.

**Είναι δυνατόν να υπάρχουν διαφορές σε μεγέθη και στη διακόσμηση των δωματίων. Η διαμονή μπορεί να γίνει στα διαφορετικά δωμάτια από αυτά που είναι στις φωτογραφίες στην ιστοσελίδα μας.

Perelik Hotel Pamporovo

    Perelik Hotel, Pamporovo

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    γευμαLS MS HS MS1 
    Μονόκλινο δωμάτιοBB78 €84 €179 €90 €
    Junior BB101 €112 €179 €123 €
    M2bedroomBB193 €215 €340 €233 €

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    * The prices are in Euro per room, per night, breakfast included. Free WiFi, ski storage of personal ski equipment, shuttle bus to the ski runs - Ski centre 1, Ski centre Malina 2 and Ski centre 5 Mechi Chal.
    * BODY & SOUL Spa Lounge package: Swimming pool, Fitness, Steam bath, Aroma herbal steam bath, Ice room, Infrared sauna, Cedar sauna, Herbal sauna, Energy steam sauna, Finland sauna, Jacuzzi, Tropical showers, Chillout lounge, Hammam, Salt room.
    * Maximum occupancy: Junior suite - 3 adults; 1-bedroom apartment - 2 adults + 2 children or 3 adults.
    * Min stay during New Year Period - 3 overnights.
    * Cancellations during the winter season can be made, providing details and prior to check-in time until 20.12.2022 for stay during 29 Dec 2022 - 03 Jan 2023 (or until 01.12.2022 if the booking is with EB discount) and and 5 days for the other periods and 14 days for reservations with early booking discount. Cancellations made after this period will incur a penalty fee, equivalent to the total cost of the accommodation.
    * For all reservations with Early booking discount is required a 50% deposit within 5 days of making a booking. If the early booking reservations are not paid until the end of the early booking period, they will be calculated without early booking discounts.
    For reservations made from 14 to 3 days before arrival date – 100% prepayment is required within 3 days of making the booking but not later than 3 days before arrival date.
    Force majeure:
    In the conditions of a pandemic and declaration of a state of emergency or epidemiological situation by the competent authorities in the Republic of Bulgaria or the country from which the tourists come, as a result of which the borders are temporarily closed and / or suspended the provision of the services, inability to reach Bulgaria and use the services in hotels, ski packages and transfers such as flight ban, temporary restriction of travel, quarantine and the like, we will provide the tourists with the following options for compensation:
    1. Opportunity for the clients to change the reservations for the same tourist package with another date of travel, convenient for them in the period until 24.12.2023, and in a long enough time they will inform about the desired dates of accommodation. This will be done by changing the reservation and cancelling the previous reservation free of charge. It is also possible to change the persons on the reservation, but without changing the type of services used.
    2. Possibility to use the amount paid for each reservation as a credit voucher for value, whereby the money of the tourist will be transferred for future use of a tourist package or tourist service. The validity of the credit voucher, the period in which it can be used is 24 months from the date of issue. This value voucher can be transferred for use to a third party following the relevant procedure.
    3. Opportunity to refund the funds within 12 months after the end of the State of Emergency, according to the legal provisions with the issuance of a credit notice to the invoice.

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    K Perelik Hotel, Pamporovo

    Perelik Hotel



    Perelik Hotel, Pamporovo

    • . : +359 2 962 22 13

    Perelik Hotel, Pamporovo

    . : +359 2 962 22 13

    Perelik Hotel, Pamporovo

    . : +359 2 962 22 13